About Us

Placement abroad is a Manpower Recruitment agency having 8+ years experience in recruitment,Immigration and Business setup in abroad.
We registered with Ministry of Labour under Indian Government and also with International Labour Organization. We are dealing with only Licensed Recruitment agencies in Indian and other location.
We are having 8 years successful 8 years experience in international recruitment. We are having our client in Middle East, Asia, European Countries and other Western Countries. We have done approx 100000 lacs successful placement in past 8 years, Our team aim is to place right candidate on right place. We are the India’s first web portal here candidate can apply direct to Foreign companies without and agent.
Applicant can get full company detail in just a one click and their documents to available companies.
We have highly skilled headhunter team to find talent from India.

Manpower Recruitment – Important Steps

There are some steps, which we would like to follow in our manpower recruitment packages. This helps us to make the right decision and choose only the best experts, in town. We are glad to work on the best deals, which are otherwise hard for you to miss. Get it right now, from us.

Our Overseas Offices

  1. Dubai
  2. Thailand
  3. Armenia
  4. Europe

Our Client:



MYN Technical Services LLC Dubai

Profile Recruitment

Intaj Interiors

Maqta Bridge Engineering LLC

Arab Tech LLC

Coca Cola Recruitment and Bottling

Al Hamad International LLC

Jacky’s Business Solutions LLC

S.N.Textiles LLC

National Corporation of Tourism and Hotels Abu Dhabi 

Jupitar Contraction Company LLC

Desert Eagle contraction LLC

Prominent Printing Press Co. LLC

Consolidated contraction Company LLC

Winzone Technical Services LLC

Abu Dhabi Cement Corporation

Dubai Mall

Day to Day Supermarket

Al Medina Supermarket 

Dubai Oil Corporation

Melcon Engineering Inc.




Kuwait Oil Corporation


Petronas Malaysia


Melcon Engineering


Euro Consulting lt.

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